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Alliance Game
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Any hardware requirements?

The hardware requirements will be affected by your browser and security software rather than PC specification.
If a game does not work normally, please change the browser to see what happens:

■Latest version of Firefox

■Latest version of InternetExplorer

In the case of a game that uses Flash, try installing the latest version here:

■Installation of Adobe Flash Player

■Security Software
Depending on the your security software settings, a game might not run normally.
With regard to security software, please contact the security software manufacturer.

How can I change a registered email-address?

In order to request a change of registered email-address, we ask to confirm your identity on an individual basis.
Log in to the official Battlespace website and contact us with details of your desired e-mail address and reason for the change.

I want to check/correct the information I registered.

Please complete the following steps to verify or change your registered information:

1. Log in to EnterCrews
2. Click "Modify user information"
3. Enter your ID and password for authentification
4. Enter any changes changes
5. Click "Modify"

Can I change my password?

Please complete the following steps to change your password:

1. Log in to EnterCrews
2. Click "Modify User Information"
3. Enter your current ID and password for authentification
4. Enter your new password
5. Re-enter your new password
6. Click "Modify'"

I registered but never got a confirmation email. What do I do?

If you have not yet received your confirmation email, please complete the following steps:

1. Make sure your e-mail address is entered correctly in your account settings.
2. Please wait for a few hours. Most confirmation e-mails will take some time to reach you.
3. Check your junk mail folder or spam filter.
4. Make sure there is enough available memory in your mail box. Delete any unwanted emails and try re-registering.

I forgot my Log in ID and password.

If you forgot your Login ID or password, go to the login form and follow the procedures for "Forgotten your ID" or "Forgotten your Password" to have them reissued.

I can't set Domestic Affairs Bureau on uncivilised planets.

When registering a Commander on the front lines, you can choose where to assign them. In this case, you can assign a Commander to Domestic Affairs of an uncivilised planet.

The construction time of my facilities is incorrect.

Construction is conducted under the following specifications:

If you start to build "facility A" first, then attempt to build "facility B" while "facility A" is still under construction, the construction for "facility B" will begin once construction for "facility A" is completed.

Facility A (construction time: 30 minutes) and facility B (construction time: 1 minute).
If you set facility A above facility B in the construction queue, the total construction time (shown in the bottom right) will be display as 30 minutes for facility A, 31 minutes for facility B.

How can I withdraw from a Union?

To withdraw from a Union, please go to My Page>Account Management.

How can I join another Union?

In order to join another Union, you will need to apply through the Union's profile.

■How to move to another Union's profile page
Click on a player who appears in the chat space, rankings, e-mail or the planet map, and you will go to the My Page of the player. Click on the Union's name and the Union's profile will be displayed.

You can also click on the Union's name which appears on rankings, log and Star Map to move to the Union's profile.

How can I block or unblock players?

Click a player's name in the chat space, then select "Block".
You can "Unblock" from My page>Manage Friends>Block list.

How can I bring back a fleet?

Go to the Headquarters and select the Fleet List. Then click "Return".

What effect do reinforcements have?

A fleet which are deployed and stationed as reinforcements can join a defensive war.
Reinforcements can only be deplayed to planets occupied by either yourself, or members of your Alliance.

Can I trade or exchange a Commander with another player?

Currently, players are not allowed to trade or exchange Commanders.

How can I recover a Commander's mobility points?

A Commander's mobility recovers by 1point every 3 hours.

Can a Commander's level be raised higher than 20?

The maximum level of a Commander is set to 20. A player can raise this through fusion.
Do this via Headquarters>Fusion>Start Level Fusion.

I can't complete the quest "Construct a Battleship" even though I have a Battleship.

The number of battleships BEFORE starting the quest will not be counted as a condition for achievement. You need to build a battleship AFTER staring the quest.

My fleet won, but can't occupy the planet.

Please check below if you are unable to occupy a planet despite your fleet winning:
◆ No Flags
◆ You attacked a planet in a solar system that isn't adjacent to one of your own or a part of your Alliance (not linked).

Also, as planet or asteroids maintain defense capabilities, you will need to decrease its defenses in order to occupy.

Can I move the Mother Planet to another place?

Yes, but you can't assign a new place.
Go to My page>Account Management>Escape

Please note that all data will be reset EXCEPT for the following: personal information (such as name, portrait and profile), Crowns, special features, Commanders, Honor, Battle Medals, Champion Coins, Quests (Tutorial), personal bulletin, Log, e-mail, Friends list and blacklist.

What is a browser game?

A browser game is a computer game which is running on a web browser.
Players are not required to download or install the game program and can also enjoy the game in a low-spec environment.
Just make sure to connect to the internet, then you can start playing.

Some browser games are very simple, but some can be quite detailed and involve entire worlds.
EnterCrews provides this latest kind of browser game to players.

How can I take a screen capture?

Using Windows:

1. Prepare the screen you would like to capture
2. Press "Prt Scr" on your keyboard
3. Go to Start>All Programs>Accesories>Paint
4. Hold "Ctrl" key and press "v" to paste the screen
5. Select File>"Save as"
6. From "File type", choose either JPEG or PNG
7. Enter a "File Name", then "Save"

※It's also possible to capture a screen by using Capture Software.
※You can use most graphics software as a substitute for "Paint"


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